Coffee Pu’erh Review (from David’s Tea)

The flavour is very subtle and smooth. After swallowing a tiny bitter taste appears and the throat becomes dry. It makes you want to take another sip to relive yourself from the dryness.


A good taste but I prefer a stronger flavoured tea. The dry month is creates is a bit annoying.

Personal Score: 2/5
Would buy again? Nop. Flavour too subtle and I don’t like the dry aftertaste.


Tea Reviews

I stopped drinking coffee a while back (post about that to come). Now that I drink more tea I want to remember which tea I liked and which tea I didn’t. The tea reviews are based solely on my personal preferences. It does not mean that the tea is a low/high quality.

David’s Tea


  • Calm Herbal (review to come)
  • Awake Black Tea (review to come)
  • China Green Tips Green Tea (review to come)
  • Refresh Herbal (review to come)
  • Earl Grey Black Tea (review to come)
  • Organic Chai Black Tea (review to come)
  • Passion Herbal (review to come)
  • Zen Green Tea (review to come)

Cooking Goals

This is a sticky post to list down some of my cooking goals. I will update once in a while.

  • Create a fresh chicken noodle soup with home made stock (that kind you put chicken bones in and let simmer for hours) [Done! — Update to come]
  • Create a completely fresh pizza
    • I’ve made fresh pizzas in the past (make the dough and sauce)
    • This time I want to make fresh/homemade mozzarella. Anything else I can create as a fresh topping?
  • Use (or make) cottage cheese to make baked potatoes (I think I saw this on
  • Make custard (for some sort of desert)
  • Chocolate » Tiramisu and Truffle
  • Research classic dishes such as Coq au Vin: French…


Some recipes I’ve done or want to do.


  • Panna Cotta (Vanilla/orange or this) [Done]
  • Crème Brulée [Done]
  • Tuile cookie garnishes (to do)
  • Cassis Panna Cotta (to do)