Organic Peppermint Amour Herbal Review (from David’s Tea)

Peppermint amour does not weigh much which makes quite affordable. Peppermint is quite unique. It opens up the sinuses and give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling. When I get tiered of drinking tea or want something refreshing to cheer me up I reach for the peppermint. I always have peppermint leafs in my tea cabinet.


The recommended steep time is 30–60 seconds. I steep for 30 to 45 seconds. I find that steeping more than this makes it too strong and make the flavour bitter.

Personal Score: 4.5/5
Would buy again? Yes


Vanilla Orchid Oolong Review (from David’s Tea)

I’ve only tried two oolong so far but I think I’m liking it. At the time of writing I’m quite a newb to tea. Oolong seems to have a very pleasant and soothing taste. It’s very light with little bitterness. I have to say it’s mostly enjoyable when it’s still hot.


The same leafs can be steeped multiple times. I steeped for about 4 minutes. I might need to think about new ways to steep. I’ve read about the Gong Fu method with Yixing Teapots here and here.

Personal Score: 3/5
Would buy again? Maybe. I will explore other oolongs before making a decision.

Red Velvet Cake Black Tea Review (from David’s Tea)

At first the name, smell and fancy garnishes threw me off. Once steeped it didn’t taste nearly as to what I was expecting. The after taste funnily tastes like eating a cake without frosting.


Steeped 5 minutes. Subsequent steeps do not result in the same taste even after steeping for a long time. I would say leafs can only be used for one steep.

Personal Score: 2/5
Would buy again? Maybe. It’s more of a treat tea. I wouldn’t drink it regularly.

Coffee Pu’erh Review (from David’s Tea)

The flavour is very subtle and smooth. After swallowing a tiny bitter taste appears and the throat becomes dry. It makes you want to take another sip to relive yourself from the dryness.


A good taste but I prefer a stronger flavoured tea. The dry month is creates is a bit annoying.

Personal Score: 2/5
Would buy again? Nop. Flavour too subtle and I don’t like the dry aftertaste.

Tea Reviews

I stopped drinking coffee a while back (post about that to come). Now that I drink more tea I want to remember which tea I liked and which tea I didn’t. The tea reviews are based solely on my personal preferences. It does not mean that the tea is a low/high quality.

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