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Last Updated: Jan 4, 2014

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Goals for 2013

Looking at some of my life’s ultimate goals it can be a bit overwhelming. Slicing them down to smaller goals. I shall add and update to this list throughout 2013.

  • Try at least two new company ideas
  • Live in Montreal for a week (or another city)
  • Vegan for a week
  • Drink the recommended of daily water consumption for one week
  • Try to have a regular schedule for two weeks
  • Have a Thai restaurant debate
  • Cook for my family
  • Go to the gym every two days for a month

Cooking Goals

This is a sticky post to list down some of my cooking goals. I will update once in a while.

  • Create a fresh chicken noodle soup with home made stock (that kind you put chicken bones in and let simmer for hours) [Done! — Update to come]
  • Create a completely fresh pizza
    • I’ve made fresh pizzas in the past (make the dough and sauce)
    • This time I want to make fresh/homemade mozzarella. Anything else I can create as a fresh topping?
  • Use (or make) cottage cheese to make baked potatoes (I think I saw this on
  • Make custard (for some sort of desert)
  • Chocolate » Tiramisu and Truffle
  • Research classic dishes such as Coq au Vin: French…


Some recipes I’ve done or want to do.


  • Panna Cotta (Vanilla/orange or this) [Done]
  • Crème Brulée [Done]
  • Tuile cookie garnishes (to do)
  • Cassis Panna Cotta (to do)

30 Day Challenge Edging its Beginning

I have 17,155 days left to live. That’s 34% of my time gone. At least that’s what statistics say. All this time has passed yet I’m still not ready to live.

Your current lifestyle, habits and values are they reflective of who you really are?

Since our birth our minds have been syringed with clutter. Injected with some great and some malicious information. That cluster of information is what define us and therefore defined the world as we see it. I wonder if one truly believes they are living the life they should be living. Are you yourself or are you who the world told you to be?

I’m on a journey to decipher my mind to its purity. To remind myself who I am and what I should be. This blog is my log of this journey.

Some of today’s inspiration:

Dustin Curtis

Matt Cutts